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Little bees - natural wicker (bn)

Wicker basket on large wheels
+ Accessories knitted Bees   
The set consists of the following elements:
- Wicker basket in a natural color
- Chassis on large wooden wheels in a natural color
- Frame to the canopy
- Mattress foam thickness of 4 cm
- Lining the basket of knitted cotton 100% filled with soft fluffy fabric, 100% polyester
- Pillowcase on the pillow 35x40 cm
- Pillowcase quilt 70x80 cm
- Pillow 35x40 cm
- Quilt 70x80 cm
- On elastic sheet
- Canopy woalowy 105x300 cm + scarf + hearts
Bedding made ??from knitted jersey 100% cotton, certified.  
Extremely soft and przyemnej to the touch.  
It does not require ironing!
The canopy is made of delicate veil to protect against excessive light, the top sash decorated with hearts.
Available Colours:
- Pink beige dots 
- blue beige kropezki 
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